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Company Profile

ShenZhen ShunLi intellectual property law firm( abbr:ShunLi), which belongs to Zhonggangxing Group, was established with the authorization of SIPO and SAIC. ShunLi is a comprehensive IP office , who devotes itself to the planning ,protection ,safeguard and operation in IP industry. The orientation of ShunLi is to assist the enterprises in China with systematic solution and professional support for their innovation .

After more than ten years exploring in this industry, we have established successful interaction relationship with domestic intellectual property competent cooperation ,national IP platform and China patent association . By serving a great many middle or large scaled states-owned enterprises for a long time, ShunLi has achieved the first leap from establishment to development. As for international development ,ShunLi has established strategic cooperation relationships with more than 10 famous IP law firms from mainly developed countries ,which enables ShunLi to provide global intellectual property distribution services for international companies. For example: China Mainland , Hong Kong, Tai Wan, European Union ,the United States and more than 190 countries and regions around the world.

At the same time ,relying on the resources from Zhonggangxing Group, ShunLi has achieved the operating mode of “closer with clients, better service for clients”. we have not only headquarter office in Guomao ShenZhen ,but also have established company service network stations at Kowloon HK , Shuibei LH , Chegongmiao FT, Huaqiangbei FT , Shuibei LH ,Qianhai Free Trade Zone, Qinghu LongHua, Minzhi LongHua, Xixiang Baoan, Songshan Lake High-tech Zone DongGuan , so all the enterprises can enjoy the most convenient IP services provided by ShunLi.

In the future ,while devoting to the accumulation of professional experiences, ShunLi will build a intellectual property operation platform so as to provide high-quality solutions for the administrative management of government , the creation and practical application of intellectual property for enterprises and individuals as well as the protection and management .

The process of our development

Our Business

Under the fundamental principle of “strong profession ,rich experience ,strict process and standard management ‘’,We have established a professional team over one hundred staff ,in which we have intellectual property lawyers ,trademark attorneys, patent attorneys ,investment experts and senior consultants in IP industries .they all possess good professional integrity and high professional level through working experiences over years in this industry ,which enable them to offer the best and effective services to our clients at each service course . As far ,ShunLi have more than 10 thousand successful cases ,and have served more than 10 thousand clients ,which bring us high reputation in intellectual property industry .

Property E-commerce
Property Operation
Property Management
Property Finance
Property Law

Through the five parts of intellectual property services above indicated ,we assist the government agencies, enterprises and individuals with intellectual property problems regarding trademark, patent and copyright. We have established a complete ecological community in which includes intellectual property application ,rights protection ,operation ,management and achievement transformation .

Core Advantages of Us

The scale reflects the strength, and the strength offers guarantee. ShunLi has more than hundred staffs and has settled down offices in both Shen Zhen and Hong Kong so that a business layout which is based in Shen Zhen and covered around the world is built. In the next five year, ShunLi will set 1000 enterprise service centers (entity store) in 200 cities, so that a convenient professional service can be provided for national enterprises.

A country need enterprises, while services are needed by enterprises. In order to provide more professional services for customers, a policy research center is built up in ShunLi, so as to research the requirements of macroscopic economy, enterprises and personnel specially, to formulate service standard, and to cultivate professional counselors. At present, all key professionals of each field of ShunLi are experts who have over 10 years working experiences , which enable us to provide professional, strict and authoritative services for customers.

The platform expands the service range, and special requirements are customized. ShunLi constructs a comprehensive service platform , in which includes intellectual property application, search, monitor, operation (transaction and authorization) , management, information, data analysis, evaluation, loan, achievement conversion, software research and development, propaganda and training. The service contents in each field are also very rich, including basic services, special services, and customized services. The customization services are to provide professional customization solutions aiming at problems or demands encountered in the development of different enterprises, so as to protect the development of enterprises.

The standard leads industry ,and the process represents quality. ShunLi has been the pioneer in the modern service industry .According to modern enterprise system and management process, a group service system is optimized and a set of standard operation process is established from consultation ,contract signing, order management, file making and submitting to the end of the case, so that the high-efficiency and high-quality services of the information safety, standard documentation and the regularized operation are ensured.



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